Crazy Scorsese @ Martyr's 07/15/11

Crazy Scorsese @ Martyr's 07/15/11

So this weekend was fun. Lots of music and that’s without even making it to Pitchfork!

Our band, Crazy Scorsese, played Martyr’s – our biggest venue to date – on Friday. And we played with some other really talented bands – The HUE, Savvy, and Empty Space Orchestra. Really can’t say enough good things about all those bands. I enjoyed watching all of them and I recommend checking them out.

A lot of people at the show mentioned that our sound at Martyr’s was really good. So thank you sound guy! ;) And speaking of which – we recorded the show! We’ll probably post the whole thing to our Facebook soon but for now here is a sneak peak of that night’s version of Whiskey Party (<-- Download!).

Then Saturday I finally caught As Fourty Sleeps playing up in Rogers Park @ Fritzy’s. As Fourty Sleeps is a Jack Brett fronted acoustic folk rock outfit and man do they write some well crafted tunes. Total contrast to Saturday night’s electric rock fest but, damn, it’s good stuff. Check them out too!

Chicago in the Summer is so musically active with all the street fests, music fests, and awesome venues. Still, I can’t help but think the city could use one more Summer music fest… more on that coming soon.

Now back to the entrepreneurial tasks of the week. We’ve got client’s to work for, an app to promote, a network of blogs and social media to maintain and we’re working on making the the “mobile app development + social media = contest win” into a case study.

So, never a dull moment!


Well we did it! Our team over at Aqueduct Development built an award winning mobile app! I’m excited. :)

We are now The official Lollapalooza “Popular Choice Award” mobile app as awarded by, a software developer challenge put on by the producers of Lollapalooza.

And we’re in the Android Market! Try it out and leave us a review. Also enjoy access to automatic updates!
Lollapalooza Android App Download

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